DO SOMETHING!!! – Creating Your Desirable Future

So were a couple days into the New Year of 2019. So many have created New Years resolutions, new goals, and created new dreams for their year. Question for you. Have you written down a plan to accomplish these items on your to do list?

My action list is quite short and sweet. This list has helped me lose and keep off 60lbs in a year and half. Helped me get to my senior year in college while working 50 hour weeks, being a husband, and a father. It has helped me continue to be a pastor, friend, and confidant for many. It has also helped me continue to be a consultant and life coach to multiple individuals and organizations.

To be a success in 2019 its very simple.

  • Make a decision,
  • do something based on that decision,
  • take responsibility for that decision,
  • Make the decision again.
  • Let’s break it down into greater detail.
    1. Find the thing that you are most frustrated with in your life. It may be your relationships, health, education, career, finances, whatever.
      Take full responsibility for your own part of the frustration. You are only responsible for your own deeds and are only able to change yourself. You must face the reality of your own actions in this place of frustration.
      Create a picture of a desirable future. What does it look like not to be frustrated by this area in your life? Is it being 20lbs lighter, having saved some money, or not having the stress of worrying about a cheating mate. Be crystal clear here.
      Create a expected list of road blocks that may hinder your progress to your desirable future. When I begin to lose my weight I knew my home busyness, my depression and anxiety, and my own laziness would be road blocks. I prepared for those in #5.
      Make daily, weekly, and monthly actionable plans to accomplish the desirable future. How are you going to save 2,000 dollars, lost the weight, stop the abuse? Write it all out. Break it down to its smallest parts. I need to set aside X amount of money each pay check, need to walk X amount of miles each day, I need to create X boundary with the abuser. Whatever it is WRITE IT DOWN.
      This is the most important part. Realize that this process, this journey truly is not about the end goal. It truly is about becoming a new person on the other side of accomplishing this goal.
      When the pain, frustration, anger, isolation, and fear comes make it foundational in your heart that all of this is for a reason. This is the moment 90% of people do not accomplish their goals. They quit when the process overtakes the desired future. It is within this process where the desired future comes a lives.
      Reevaluate the action steps, desirable future, and your own honest list of continued road blocks. Be honest about your successes and your failures. Where are you made the most of your natural energy in your desire to change and here have you fallen. Honesty with yourself is key to this process.
      After you have been honest and re-evaluated the goals, DO IT AGAIN!!! DO NOT STOP. Reengagement into the plan is the only way to arrive at your desired future. It wont come from quitting. You must find that place to not allow your own excuses, others perceived needs or frustrations, or other issues to stop you. KEEP GOING MY FRIEND. We all fall, mess up, and miss the mark. Honestly, at least you DID SOMETHING. That is more than what those who seat on the couch and criticize you is doing.
  • Know that I am proud of you! The world needs more self starters who desire to have a brighter future. Leave me a comment below so that I may cheer you on,
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