The Kingdom Consists of POWER

For many months God continues to bring me to Col. 2:9. This morning I finally realized that God was wanting me to see that the Trinity was whole one and not separate as I am wholly one with my body, soul, and Spirit. That I also had lifted many other deities up since Emily and I had gotten married. My marriage, family, and Emily herself was a deity to me. I repented and pulled these deities down. I repented of every philosophy, empty deceit, human tradition, and elemental spirit that I believed over Christ. I asked God to once again fill me up and remove every tie to my life that these things held. Now I ask for the Truth, Loved, and The Way – I ask for more of Jesus. I repent of my refusal to Worship Jesus. I fully worshipped Jesus. Not as in the American or church way. God what did you send Jesus to really start here on Earth?

Philosophy – Mind of Christ 

Empty Deceit – Truth in Love 

Human Tradition – Mysteries of God

Elemental Spirits of this earth – Comic Angels

I will find out what the talk of these arrogant people but their power. For the Kingdom of God consist of not talk but of POWER. – 1 Cor. 4:19b-20

I repent of thinking that the message should be in what I say – the message of the Cross is the Power of the trinity for mankind. Not the words but the power of the whole deity that has filled us. Not the words but the mysteries of God found int he power of his kingdom. 

-The Kingdom consists of POWER-

May the power of the kingdom of God destroy every philosophy, empty deceit, human tradition, and elemental spirits that effects the loves of the children of God. those you have been saved and also those who have not. 

When I come into an encounter I shall ask the Holy Spirit which one is it that is holding the children captive.

Proclaim the Good news to the poor

Proclaim liberty to the captive

Recovery of sight tot he blind

Set at liberty those who are oppressed

To proclaim the year of the Lords favor

1 Cor. 2:3-5 

When Paul was with the Cor. he came in weakness, and not in impressive words but in the Spirit of God and power. The greeks were known for their orbital skills. Knowing this Paul separated himself in his public ministry not being like the other “teachers” by communication not in what was considered strength but a weakness. Paul himself said be unto men what is needed to reach them. Because later in v. 6 he says to the verse he speaks of the mysteries with words. But Among the immature he communicates with the spirit and with Power. SO what was the spirit and power that Paul speaks of?

Kingdom of God consist of power 

The Kingdom of God is the power that Paul speaks of

Kingdom consist of the run and authority of the Kingdom. Within the rule and authority of the kingdom is found his desire. Larry when will your desire match my own? Father what is your desire?

That the lame will walk, the blind see, deaf hear, families restored, hearts and minds be healed people made whole. The keys of the kingdom of God match the desires of the king to unlock of lock which is in heaven from earth to be done on earth. 

Larry looks for KEYS. Floating over people – identify the keys and use the heavenly desire to accomplish the desire of the king in that person life. 

Not my will but yours be done

Power for humanity is found in the level of submission one gives himself to his bride groom.

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