Three Greatest Gifts You Can Give Yourself

The first gift is the permission to FEEL deep and SEE just as deep. To no longer push away what you feel and what you see but, be honest about those feelings and perspectives to yourself and to a small circle of confidants.

The second gift is the permission to think critically about those feelings and perspectives. This helps one to not only process what they feel but ask why they feel a certain way. We then admit that I feel a certain way and thank God we have a strong enough mind to circle those feelings. Part of that process is searching for what is the truth and what is a lie. Asking oneself is what I feel a lie or truth is huge in maintaining emotional health. We then question how did these feeling and perspective come about. How did I obtain these feelings and where did my perspective come about.

The third gift is giving oneself the permission not to be responsible for how others feel nor maintaining the responsibility to mediate their feelings. If my own feelings and mental processes can sometimes feel overwhelming why should I add on another’s? What I can do is help my family and friends to be powerful people to embrace gift one and two. I can also give them the tools to do so. Yet I am not responsible for them doing so even my wife and children.

This process has been so freeing to me. It has given me the ability to break so many chains in my life. It has also given me the ability to hold on to the simple and important things as well. Give it a try and watch how deeply your connection with yourself and those around you become.

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